Peer Review Process

RESIPROKAL (Jurnal Riset Sosiologi Progresif Aktual) is an electronic journal published by the Sociology study Program of Mataram University. Each manuscript submitted to the RESIPROKAL will undergo a review process. The manuscript submitted was first reviewed by the editor, evaluated by the Editors ' board regarding the writing format, whether suitable for the focus and scope of RESIPROKAL, the accuracy of the methodology and the check of similarities (plagiarism).
Then Editor sends the script at least to two anonymous reviewers, the author's identity will not be known reviewer and vice versa (double-blind review). Reviewers will consider the feasibility of a manuscript reviewed from contributions, originality, relevance, and presentation of writing. Reviewer comments by the editor section are then submitted to the authors for the next Fix and action. The Editor will tell the author about the review results as soon as possible, approximately 30 to 60 days. Then the result of the fix will be reviewed again by the section editor, to see the suitability of reviewer comments with the results of the fix, and the section editor also allows to review the repair script if deemed necessary. Final decision on acceptance of the article will be made by Editor according to Reviewer comments.
The received research articles will be available online (free download) following the process of peer-reviewed journals. Detection of plagiarism articles in this journal is performed using Turnitin or plagiarism checkerX (Web checker). Authors should use Mendeley as a reference manager tool. The language used in this journal is Bahasa Indonesia or English.